Sunday, February 24, 2013

Super Sophia Joy

Super Sophia Joy


On October 22, 2010 a very special, Extraordinary TinySuperhero was born named Sophia Joy. At five days old, she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Then, in 2012 she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Super Sophia Joy is fighting for her life as we speak - and our support, thoughts, and prayers can really help to strengthen and renew her incredible super powers.

Yesterday, my family was tremendously blest with the opportunity to personally deliver a TinySuperhero cape to Super Sophia Joy. When I heard about her story, I knew she needed empowerment as soon as possible, and when I found out they were just an hour south of us, I knew we just needed to go.
Sophia in October 2012.
Photo from Sophia Joy's Facebook Page.

Sophia started fighting Leukemia with chemotherapy on October 5, 2012. That day she had surgery to have a port placed and began her first cycle of chemo. Since that day, Sophia (and her family) have been in and out of the hospital for chemotherapy, fevers, and infections. For a family of 8, this is no easy feat.  Sophia Joy is the youngest of six children, born into an incredibly warm and loving family. She has four older sisters and one older brother who love her and have spent hours beside her in the hospital and even more hours making her smile when she's at home! They are definitely her TinySuperhero Sidekicks.

The chemotherapy that Sophia Joy has received eliminates her immune system almost completely. So between each cycle of chemo (5 total) the risk of infection is very high, and Sophia Joy has returned to the hospital with infection several times.

About two weeks ago, on February 3, Sophia had her last round of chemo - a day her family had been waiting for since they first heard the word Leukemia. The last round of chemo was the most intense, and several days later Sophia came down the brochiolitis.  At this point she had practically zero immune system left to fight the infection. This was quickly followed by other complications. On February 13 she had a breathing tube place, and on February 14th she was placed on full life support. They hoped that while on life support, her body could gain the strength it needed to fight off these infections.

On February 18, they were able to take her off of life support, but she still needed the breathing tube - and she still needed to fight the infection.  Today - Sophia Joy is still in the fight. We know that she has super powers that far exceed our understanding, and her family knows that she is protected by her loving God. They pray for a miracle, and they plead with God that they will be able to keep their TinySuperhero here on earth.

Yesterday we went to the hospital and we were greeted by Super Sophia Joy's 5 blonde hair, blue eyed Sidekicks. It became immediately clear that they needed empowerment too, so we gave them each a TinySuperhero cape (thanks to the generous donations of many). We know that as they combine their super powers with Sophia Joy's, that this girl is going to be SO strong!

I can't express in words to you how beautiful, kind, and loving this family is. And it is obvious that they all need their TinySuperhero as much as she needs them right now. They also need our help. Visit their Facebook page to find opportunities to help with the financial burden that comes along with this fight.

Please help us pass them love and support during this very difficult time. You can do so on Sophia Joy's Facebook page.  Her mom told me that she can't wait to see Super Sophia wearing her cape for many, many years to come! 

From our family to Sophia Joy's family - we love you and are praying for your sweet girl's recovery.


  1. I was so touched and happy about you bringing this family some love and prayers in person. The superhearo capes are awesome. You are so dear to have gone to see this family.I have been praying for Sophia Joy everyday since I heard the news. I pray for her to be healed and to have a beautiful life with her loving family.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Power on, sweet Sophia Joy and all of her beautiful siblings. Thanks to Super Puddles for thinking about those siblings too. I have 4 kids, three are adopted with special needs (two far more involved than the third,) their siblings are their biggest cheerleaders, most effective teachers, and most fierce defenders. It's a relationship that will never cease to bless and amaze me but, so often, they go unsung. Siblings of medically fragile kids sacrifice a lot. They need celebrating too!!!

  3. What a beautiful girl and a wonderful family! What a fighter she is. My family will send many prayers to this sweet, extraordinary SuperHero Sophia Joy and her family!

  4. You are all in my thoughts and prayers, she is a beautiful babygirl. Her sisters and brother are awesome children. Love and prayers to all of you.

  5. Three cheers for Super Siblings!! I love that you were able to deliver that encouragement right to her. So powerful to be surrounded by love. Fight on Sweet Sophia.